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Durable utility enamels for machinery, OEM, and industrial maintenance applications.  Offers state-of-the-art corrosion protection and excellent gloss retention.  May be applied direct to metal. 

Metal-Clad Alkyd Enamel (HES).png

Alkyd Enamel

All-purpose, durable utility enamel designed for new construction, industrial maintenance, OEM, and metal fabrication applications.  Combines state-of-the-art corrosion protection with excellent gloss retention, superior durability, and one-coat coverage.  May be applied direct to metal without a primer.  Meets Federal Standard TT-E-489J. 

Product #                 Color                                SDS            PDS

1-HES-7400             Clear Gloss

2-HES-2606             Gloss White

2-HES-2607             Semi-Gloss White

3-HES-1711             Safety Yellow

3-HES-4043             Caterpillar Yellow

3-HES-4792             Hyster Yellow

3-HES-5569             John Deere Yellow

3-HES-5660             Yale Gold

3-HES-5712             Toyota Orange

3-HES-6114             Machinery Orange

4-HES-2847             Utility Beige

4-HES-3140             Bronze Metallic

4-HES-316               Houston Brown

4-HES-3237             Pacific Brown

5-HES-2614             Safety Red

6-HES-1951             Ranger Blue

6-HES-5050             Safety Blue

7-HES-1453             Hanover Green

7-HES-5090             John Deere Green

8-HES-1512             Machine Gray

8-HES-1722             Semi-Gloss Black

8-HES-3313             Gloss Black

8-HES-5795             Toyota Gray

9-HES-1423             Aluminum Metallic

Alkyd Hardener

Enhances the performance properties of Metal-Clad® Alkyd Enamels.  Shortens dry time while promoting sharper gloss, better color and gloss retention, increased hardness, and improved chemical and abrasion resistance.  

Product #                 SDS            PDS


Catalyst & Hardener.jpg

Drum Enamel

Fast drying, modified short-oil alkyd enamel formulated specifically as a high performance protective coating for new or reconditioned steel drums and other metal containers where sag resistance and rapid dry are required.  Exhibits outstanding anti-sag properties while retaining excellent gloss, flexibility, and long term color retention.  May be applied direct to metal without a primer.  Full color range available. 

Product #               Color                                SDS            PDS

2-DE-2606             Gloss White

3-DE-7406             Penzoil Yellow

3-DE7407              Shell Yellow

5-DE-6755             Old Mobil Red

5-DE-7402             Shell Red

5-DE-7403             Penzoil Red

5-DE-7421             New Mobil Red

5-DE-7782             Exxon Red

6-DE-6890             Chevron Blue

6-DE-7420             Unocal Blue

7-DE-7419             Castrol Green

8-DE-6796             Gloss Black

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