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Water-reducible, low VOC alkyd and acrylic primers suitable for moderate industrial use.  Excellent rust protection and early moisture resistance.  

Aqualize Alkyd Primer (WP).png

Alkyd Primer

Heavy duty, high solids water-reducible alkyd primer offering excellent corrosion protection for steel and other fabricated metal products in normal industrial environments.  Meets SSPC-Paint #15 performance specifications. 

Product #                Color                   SDS            PDS

2-WP-1757              White                            

5-WP-1101              Red Oxide      

8-WP-1116              Black

8-WP-1126              Gray

Acrylic Primer

Fast drying, water-reducible acrylic primer ideal for light to moderate industrial use.  Offers outstanding rust and corrosion protection with superior early moisture resistance.  Meets MIL-P-28577B, Federal A-A-50557, and SSPC-Paint #15 performance specifications.

Product #                Color                   SDS            PDS

2-AP-1757              White                            

5-AP-1101              Red Oxide      

8-AP-1116              Black

8-AP-1126              Gray

Aqualize Acrylic Primer (AP).jpg
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