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High performance, rust-preventative spray coatings ideal for industrial maintenance and touch-up applications.  High solids formulas provide state-of-the-art corrosion protection and one-coat coverage, saving time and labor while minimizing overspray.   

Red Oxide Primer.png

Metalize® Industrial Primer

Heavy duty, general purpose spray primers with excellent rust and corrosion resistance.  Meets Federal TT-E-527D and SSPC-PAINT #15 performance specifications.

Product #             Color                   SDS            PDS

2-S-1757              White                            

5-S-1101              Red Oxide      

8-S-1116              Black

8-S-1126              Gray

Metal-Clad® Industrial Enamel

Direct to metal (DTM) aerosol enamels formulated with premium pigments for superior gloss and color retention.  Meets Federal TT-E-489J performance specifications.  

Product #             Color                           SDS            PDS

1-S-7400              Gloss Clear      

2-S-2606              Gloss White

2-S-2607              Semi-Gloss White

3-S-1711              Safety Yellow

3-S-4043              Caterpillar Yellow

3-S-6070              Safety Orange

3-S-7344              Gold Metallic

4-S-3162              Houston Brown

4-S-3237              Pacific Brown

4-S-7793              Desert Tan

5-S-2614              Safety Red

6-S-5050              Safety Blue

7-S-1453              Hanover Green

7-S-7794              Army Drab

8-S-1722              Semi-Gloss Black

8-S-3313              Gloss Black

8-S-7222              Athens Gray

9-S-1423              Aluminum Metallic

Black Gloss.png
Zinc-Rich Cold Galv Primer.png

Zinc Rich Cold Galvanizing Primer

Heavy duty aerosol primer with 97% pure zinc content in the dry film per ASTM D520 Type II test method. Provides outstanding, long lasting galvanic anti-corrosion protection in all types of industrial environments.  Meets military specification MIL-P-26915C.

Product #               Color                   SDS            PDS

9-S-7224                Flat Gray 



High Sheen Cold Galvanizing Compound

A premium, industrial grade spray coating that provides long lasting galvanic rust and corrosion protection for steel and other ferrous metals.  Formulated with high purity zinc pigments to prevent the formation and spread of rust, this coating dries to a bright metallic finish.  Contains 97% pure zinc content in the dry film per ASTM D520 Type II test method.  

Product #              Color                    SDS            PDS

9-S-7254               Metallic Silver 

High-Sheen Cold Galv.png
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