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Zero VOC reducers, conventional lacquer thinners, and acid-etching metal cleaners.  



Solvents are used to dissolve the resin and control the viscosity of paint during application.  Adhesion, film build and integrity, appearance, and dry time are all directly affected by the solvents used to manufacture and reduce the coating. 

Product #              Name                                         SDS

AC-3                      Zero VOC Reducer

SB-2                      Synthetic Reducer

LT-2                       Lacquer Thinner


A water reducible, acid-etching metal cleaner and degreaser formulated to effectively remove dirt, grease, rust, and protective oil coatings from any metal surface. Ultra-Bond® etches and cleans the substrate, preventing corrosion and promoting maximum coating adhesion by allowing paint to bond directly to the surface, creating a durable and long lasting finish.

Product #             Name                   SDS            PDS

1-R-4448              Ultra-Bond   




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