Our traditional high-solids, oil-based coatings offer unparalleled industrial performance in compliant, low VOC formulations. The Metalize® product line encompasses high solids alkyd and phenolic primers. Our Metal-Clad® and Dura-Seal® lines are comprised of modified alkyd enamels and two component polyurethanes, respectively.


Alkyds make some of the best general-purpose paints, due to their desirable overall properties and moderate cost. Derived from chemically modified soya and linseed oils, alkyds cure well at ambient temperatures and exhibit great hardness, color and gloss retention, and long-term flexibility.

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The excellent anticorrosive properties of phenolics allow these resins to be formulated into outstanding corrosion-resistant paints. Generally, treated zinc phosphates or other rust-inhibitive pigments are added to achieve maximum protection.

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Urethanes are one of the most outstanding resins in the industrial coatings industry, combining exceptional gloss and flexibility with superb chemical and stain resistance. These two-component coatings require the addition of an aliphatic isocyanate catalyst to achieve proper cure.

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